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Keeling, C from Dewey Humboldt, AZ - February 2021

“The RealtyPlus team walked me through step by step, very knowledgeable. Thank you for helping me buy my first house!”

Kurzenknabe, L from Strasburg, VA - February 2021

“It was easy to use the program, everyone I dealt with was amazing. From start to finish I had a great experience.”

House, J from Scottsdale, AZ - February 2021

“RealtyPlus speeds up process of finding a real estate agent with experience in a new area; and the cash back reward is obviously a great benefit.”

Morillo, E from Hawthorne, NY - March 2021

“The program was very helpful and removed a lot of the stress that comes from not being familiar with the process. Our agent was an excellent!”

Mead, J from Woodbridge, VA - March 2021

“I’ve used the RealtyPlus program for both buy and sell transactions and both times it was really helpful!”

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