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Charles from Williamsburg, VA - July 2019

“I was provided exceptional service and was even able to close on my dream home from overseas.”

Whitney from Herndon, VA - August 2019

“We had such a great experience. . . Our agent was amazing and our real estate coordinator so sweet, always available for any follow up questions.”

Nicole from Fayetteville, NC - September 2019

“I would recommend RealtyPlus because it is great and helpful. My Realtor was amazing!”

Daniel from Munford, TN - September 2019

“My Realtor was amazing. . . She truly made the entire process easy and virtually painless. . . RealtyPlus is a great service!”

Tecoya from Atlanta, GA - August 2019

“Our Coordinator and agent did an awesome job in helping me purchase my home. They were both nice and extremely helpful during my home buying process.”

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